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Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
vive con la victima, alert a las autoridades cuando el hombre no regres a casa despues de salir a buscar a su gato y solo encontr su linterna. ---el hombre aun no ha sido localizado. blanca ---san francisco es una ciudad reconocida por sus excentricidad es... pitch - cesar ---pero esta tarde, y tras el aumento de quejas por parte de comerciantes y vecinos la junta de supervisores decidio poner fin al nudismo que hasta ahora se habia permitido en la mayor parte de la ciudad. ---pilar niÑo nos amplia.... 0:01 0:19 1:16 1:35 1:54 blanca --en palo alto una mujer permanece tras las rejas sospechosa de varios robos en la peninsula... take 2 box cesar -- gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene la informacion... gaby --la investigacion comenzo el sabado cuando una persona reporto la desaparacion de dinero y joyas de su closet... --ella indico a las autoridades , que como de costumbre... la mujer que realizaba la limpieza habia estado el dia anterior en su casa. 0:13 pkg -- marta quintero de 36 aÑos de edad era considerada una persona de confianza para varias familias en palo alto.. ahora se
Nov 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
garza, gracias por acompaÑarno s. blanca ---continua el paro laboral de los empleados del puerto de oakland... pitch - cesar ---asi es, y la huelga en el segundo astillero mas grande de la costa oeste tambien tiene repercusiones economicas en otros sectores... take 2 box ---mayra tostado nos tiene la informacion mas reciente.. mayra... 0:01 0:07 0:19 0:42 0:58 1:49 take pkg ---asi es, se espera que la huelga termine esta noche pero los daÑos monetarios que ha causado podrian sentirse durante los proximos dias.. desde la madrugada, decenas de trabajadores del puerto de oakland bloquearon la entrada a las instalaciones como parte de una huelga de 24 horas para segn ellos, luchar contra practicas laborales injustas.. obdulia ramos - trabaja en el aeropuerto 9:16 - 9:26 "el puerto dice que no tiene dinero para nosotros no estamos pidiendo aumento, queremos que dejen todo como está ahorita y ellos quieren quitarnos muchas cosas entonces eso no está bien". al menos 200 empleados del puerto y del aeropuerto de oakland llevan 16 meses sin contrato laboral.. el sindicato que representa a
Nov 20, 2012 9:00pm PST
by helicopter and after being over seas for three days. >> well it's about to be ill will el to bear your body on the streets of san francisco. nudist lost their battle at city hall today when the board of supervisors passed a measure banning public nudity. although there is still one more vote to go on this. more tonight from carolyn tyler. >>reporter: this wioon be against the law. unless a federal judge steps in. the san francisco board of supervisors voted to approve a ban on public nudity sponsored by supervisor scott weiner but it wasn't a slam dunk. >> we did live in a time of limited resources. when it comes to the what is the best and most effective way of using those limited resources, not that enforcing nudity law is important but how important it is relative to violent crime i think the focus should be violent crime. >> when we start to surrender some of these basic rights city wide that what is next is this a lot of people think that's cliche. i do ask that questio question. what piercing or tattooing or yellow hair or what? >> we are a city that believes in freedom and we
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
but traffic is slowing past the scene as you drive from el cerrito to berkeley. >>> cloudy, mostly cloudy, light rain. drizzly. my good friend john said paulson coming down here pretty good. we will show you that here in a second. the system is moving through. more toward the south bay and santa cruz mountains. after that it's hit and miss. a very warm system. it's been in the 40s. and raining at last check. rain all night. 40s something. oakland hills an inch and a half. san francisco almost an inch and quarter. santa rosa inch and a quarter. cazadero 2.83. broody sanders out by clayton not too bad. the system arrived late there. you can see starting to end out toward the east bay. really getting interstate 80 vacaville still light rain. again from parts of marin county to the city but this is really hit and miss. san mateo, belmont, also toward menlo park lighter rain. and then toward san jose yes things have picked up a little bit. even in the santa cruz mountains. there is a lot of holes in this system. it is pushing toward santa clara valley. a lot of cloud cover though. even with th
Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
got there, las vegas 2 el paso will be gone. >> at least a couple of delays with these long lines at southwest. >> are you getting taking this in stride? >> and action getting aggravated. i do not understand why this is taking so long. >> many of these were chicago bear fans. that saw the loss. >> we came down to get the chicago bears confirm paltz kicke but we will have a nice dy is giving genoese of the chicago bears -- got beat. we are living with our tail between our legs. >> they are thinking about things kidding and what they're most looking ford to toward >> having the feast. but ford-2. having forward..... loog forward to having a feast. in most cases what we're having with these delays and cancellations are west coast flights. check with your carrier >> the feast, and what about the other airports san jose? oakland? the latest word we're getting is that there are no delays at san jose, oakland. >> that is great news, thank you, dan. who will check back with you at 6:00 p.m. the port of oakland is shut down because there are workers on strike. they have been striking. j. r
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am PST
clinton is in the middle of that. john miller, former deputy ele director of national intelligence joins us. what would a ceasefire look like? >> so you're dealing with a trust but trust and then verify atmosphere where the trust is very low and the ability to verify is pretty s difficult. so it's not going to be an if shootin you stop shooting we'll stop it shooting. it's got to have a third party built in. could that be qatar, turkey? the most likely player would be gypt. egypt. hamas. they have a relationship with israel, a strong relationship egypti with hamas. idea that might mean putting egyptian monitors in, on the idea that the long-range rockets hamas goted. from iran would be removed, no co further shipments would come in be no and there would be no shooting inte there. that would put egypt in a prettypresident mo interesting position. >> considering the new leader is the muslim brotherhood. >> they created hamas. monitor when you look at them as o monitor, that's the trust but trust. verify who do we really trust.egypt but israel has a long-standing s gov
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am PST
for twinks as other companies to snap up the popular and. el willtill be a part of "sesame street" despite the resignation of puppeteer kevin clash. the longtime voice othe beloved character, clash stepped aside tuesday after a 24-year-old n sued him for$5 million claiming clash seduced him wh he was just 15 years old. an earlier claim by a different man was later recanted. sesame workshop says other puppeteers have been trained to see as clash's elmo stanin. >>> a judge has ruled "modern family" sr ael wter will main under the guardianship of her olr sister. the 14-year-old was removed from the custody of her mother. testimony yesterday at the hearingound there was evidence of emotional abuse. >> lawmakers in san francisco have approved a ban on plic nudity. it prohibits fulludity in places such a streets, sidewalks d pubc trsit. a first offense can lead to a $100 fine, but a third offense mean a yr in jail. >>> whent comes to the holiday season, you've got too have a sense of humor, an given that tomorrow is thanksgiving, it's good to see these turys can still have a laugh. one thing to
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7